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overcome your writing struggles

Every writer will encounter struggles. Not once, not twice, but reoccurring when you least expect it. From fighting with your characters to writers’ block, and everything in between. Luckily there are solutions to all of them. Here’s how you can overcome your writing struggles now.

I will not lie, I’ve been writing for the majority of my life and have encountered numerous struggles with it ever since. Even to this day. I’ve written several books and published stories, yet I cannot escape blank space paralysis. Why though? Why can writing be such a struggle at times?


When I am in the zone, I just tipaty tap away on my keyboard. Living the story as if I am a part of it. It’s a delicious feeling, and at that point, writing comes as naturally as breathing to me. The problems only start when I get into my head. Often right after I finish a WIP (Work In Progress). The moment I write that last word and close off the story, my mind likes to wonder if I will ever find the inspiration for the next one. And of course, my creative brain stays quiet at that point.

I have found that most of my struggles come from insecurity. Am I creative enough? Is this character too flat? What if it’s still full of typos? I am sure you can relate.

overcome writing struggles

You are not alone

Why am I so sure you can relate? Well, when I realized I wanted to make writing my profession, I decided to speak to other authors out there. I had the illusion that I was alone in my struggles. I thought that professionals like Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and John Grisham had a different approach to writing. One that countered out all those struggles, allowing them to just vomit out draft after draft. 

Little secret: I was dead wrong! When I started to question other writers I found out that all of us struggle. And they struggle with the same issues. It doesn’t matter if you just started or are making a living off of it. We all battle the same insecurities. 

Under pressure

During my quest for knowledge, I was in a masterclass taught by Dutch author Thomas Olde Heuvelt. One of his books become so successful that it soon will be adapted for a Netflix show. Even Stephen King gave him a shout-out. That put him under such pressure, that he completely froze up writing his next book. I asked him how he dealt with that. Thomas received advice from Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin, who told him he needed to just sit in his personal space and write like he originally wrote. Just for him. Not caring about the outside world. Thomas finally snapped out of that and got his mojo back.

overcome your writing struggles

The truth is out there

Thomas is not alone, and neither are you. In the past year, I have spoken to numerous authors about their struggles and how they overcome them. I even set up a questionnaire to gather more information. I bundled the results in a PDF that you can download for free so that you can overcome your writing struggles too!

Why? Because we all know what to do when we are not struggling, but we freeze up when we do. We tend to stay on our own little island instead of reaching out to others for help. This PDF gives you insights on struggles that almost all authors encounter, gives you tools to deal with them, and (hopefully) motivates you to push through.

What is the secret?

Is there a quick answer to end all and overcome your writing struggles? Well yes. It’s telling that little sabotaging monster in your head to shut the f up. Just let it rant and vent, and say ‘I’m gonna do it anyway.’ Trusting in yourself is the key. Just write. Don’t worry about structure, grammar, or being original. That will come later. That’s why there are second, third, and even fourth drafts. That’s why there are writing coaches and editors. Let all of that go for now. Sit your butt down in your chair and type. 

You got this! And if you are still doubting, go download that PDF! 

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