How much does a writing retreat cost? – And a few amazing options

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writing retreat cost

When you crave some real writing time, a retreat might sound pretty good. Time and space to indulge in your work without any other worries are heavenly. But doesn’t it come at a price? How much does a writing retreat cost?

Spoiler alert! 

The price of a writing retreat is all up to you. From just a few bucks to thousands of dollars, you can make it as expensive or cheap as you desire. Some of the fanciest retreats can cost you up to $12 000 but will put you in contact with publishers and agents. Others are significantly cheaper but offer you the comfort of having your own space.

Let’s see what’s out there. 

The best writing retreat in the world

Glinda and Dorothy already said it: there’s no place like home. If you want the benefits of a writer’s retreat but want to save some money as well, a DIY retreat is a good choice. All you have to do is pick a quiet spot and stock up on snacks and drinks. Additionally, you can get yourself a do not disturb sign. And that’s it. 

 If staying at home is not an option, you can always opt for a cheap air BnB or sit at your local Starbucks, offer a coffee and a cupcake, and write for hours on end. Want an even cheaper option? Take your laptop to the park or woods and write there. Weather permitted, of course. The world is yours!  

Price: $0 – $250 for 7 days

The serious investment

The opposite of staying at home is the Carmel-by-the-Sea writing retreat. This get-away will cost you some serious bucks, but you will sit in the same place where authors like Jack London and Mary Austin once wrote their stories. You can work on your novel in a small setting with other authors, led by Linda Silvertsen. She has a very extended network that you can tap into, and she helped dozens of writers to sign a book contract. 

I find the investment, $12.000, a lot of money. However, it will guarantee that you only get to work with writers who are serious about their craft. Authors that worked on NY-bestsellers on this retreat, or got in touch with their heroes through Silvertsen. But don’t be mistaken. This retreat is open to people from all levels. I cannot decide how much your dream is worth, but I’m more than willing to invest that into mine.

Price: $12.000 Monday to Friday (All-in minus travel)

The adventures one

If you are a bit like me, you are a sucker for adventure. So when you find a unique possibility, you get excited. When I heard about The Artic Circle’s artist program, I couldn’t help myself from jumping up and down. This retreat takes place on a sailboat in the waters of Svalbard, a place we also like to call the north pole. Together with scientists and all kinds of artists, you’ll explore the upper regions of our planet. 

I appreciate this adventurous writing retreat for various reasons. One, I’ve always wanted to visit the North Pole (the South Pole as well btw). Two, this program is open to different artists and scientists. This variety in people will give you fresh angles to tap inspiration from. Third, it will provide you with many unique experiences, that you can take with you forever.

Unless you get cold or seasick (like me) easily, and you love adventure, this might be the right retreat for you!

Price: $6750 for 17 days (All-in minus travel)

The cultural dream place

If you want to experience culture during your writing, this gorgeous retreat in France might do the trick. Located in the beautiful Loire Valley, it offers you the option of exploring the rural country. But also to travel to historic areas. The retreat comes with a small library, home-cooked meals, and a complimentary holistic therapy session to relax body and mind.

This retreat speaks to me. You are pampered in this stunning area. You can choose to work outside or stay indoors, work in solitude or engage in conversation. You can shape it to your wishes. In other words, you decide your own pace, your schedule, and your activities.

Complete freedom, isn’t that what a retreat is all about? 

Price: $1088 for seven days (All-in minus travel)

The upside-down retreat

Are you dreaming of writing in one of the world’s most gorgeous national parks? Then you want to join the Rainforest Writing Retreat in Australia. For three days straight, you’ll be doing workshops, having group discussions, and getting advice from published authors. All while you stay at the top of a mountain in Lamington National Park. The retreat is open to beginners and experts who look to get published.

This retreat has a yearly anthology with short stories of retreaters, which I appreciate. But what’s even better is that they invite famous Australian authors over to help you get better at your work. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Now the only thing I have to worry about are those spiders.

Price: $620 for 3-day access to retreat (Including lunch and dinner. Not included are accommodations, breakfast, and travel.)

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