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Writing is a lonely profession, or so we are thought to think. But all throughout the process, there might be moments where you want to bounce off your ideas on another person. You call your best friend, you tell your partner, or you simply sit there and stare at the computer. Because, let’s be fair, only other writers understand your process. 

That’s where I come in.

brain, mind, psychology
brain, mind, psychology

How I can help you

No matter where you are in your process, I am here to help you continue on your journey. Having gone through the process of writing books, novellas, and short stories multiple times, I’m very familiar with the hurdles you might encounter. Let me tell you a little secret: there’s nothing a good brainstorm session cannot fix. So what can I do for you?

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Help you plot

It doesn’t matter if you are at the beginning of your story, or almost at the end and encountering a plot hole that needs fixing. We will look at your story together, brainstorm and figure out what options you have, and then dive deeper into your preferred one.

By the end of our session(s), you’ll have a clear vision of where you can take your story next, and what other routes there are. You’ll receive a compiled report of our session within two working days so that you can go back at any preferred time.

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Help you strategize

Sometimes you know exactly what your story entails, but you have no idea how to chop it up. You want every chapter to sizzle and pop, but you fear that you might spend too much time on irrelevant topics and too little on what actually matters.

During our session(s) we will go over your story, what you want it to represent, and what message you want to tell. We’ll brainstorm on the essential elements so that you have a clear strategy in mind. You’ll receive a compiled report of our session within two working days.


Help you tidy up

When you have a text ready but it doesn’t feel quite there yet, I can help you tidy it up. Together we’ll go through the text, dive into your word choices, and analyze how to put more power into it. This can be combined with beta reading, feel free to email me about the options.

After our session(s), you’ll have some clear pointers to work with. My aim is to provide you with feedback that you can use in all your writing. You will receive a compiled report within two working days, which lists those bullet points.

What can’t I do?

Even though I love to help you out, there are certain things I cannot do:

Write your story

although we can brainstorm on ghostwriting, I am not the right person for that.

Grammar and spelling

yo… I’m not even a native English speaker!

Do the work for you

you really have to dig deep yourself, I can merely point out where.


Hire my brain outside of writing

My brain loves to find solutions and creative responses. So if you are encountering a problem or struggle with certain topics, and want an outsider’s view, feel free to contact me. We can look at the different perspectives, communicative issues, and much more.

Please do include the branch and topic you like to discuss when you send me that email.


My rates

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

From brainstorming to plot help, to research and confidence-boosting. Maartje has helped me with it all. My go-to guru for helping me stay motivated and providing constructive feedback to improve my work. As well as the numerous times she has helped me get out of writing blockages. Cannot emphasize how incredibly happy I am with her services. Hire her yesterday!

Jo Ballard

Writer, Next Gen - Let's Science!

Maartje is a beautiful person with a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and enthusiasm. She will not only help you to lift your project to the next level, but she will also make sure you’ll get the best out of yourself writing-wise.

I have had the chance to work with her several times. Besides inspiring you, she will also give you constructive criticism and eaches you to think outside the box.

Trust me, with Maartje you are in good hands!

Manoe Snellens

Writer and Journalist

Brainstorming with Maartje is finding out things about yourself. About what you want to tell and how to put it on paper. While exchanging thoughts and ideas, she will take you to places inside your mind that you never would think is possible. Maartje helps you take the steps you need to grow and makes it easier for you to write your story down. Brainstorming with her helped me to believe in myself, in my voice, and in the stories I want to tell.

Maaike de Ligny


Maartje is wonderfully thorough and deeply intuitive. She has a way of helping you think outside the box and coming up with ideas you wouldn’t have considered without such an immersive brainstorming session.

Kayla Farley

Writer & Musician

I have known Maartje for years as a person and as an inspired writer. So when I started writing my first book, it was only natural that I contacted her. However, I didn’t realize that I had a question or two; the conversation made such a turn that all hidden questions and uncertainties disappeared. In addition, the comments she made have proven to be of great value during the process.

Once finished writing, it was only natural to let her read it. I mean, if there is one person in the world who is of great value and very much trustworthy, it is Maartje. And with the result I was hoping for, I must say. Maartje gave me the peace of mind I needed to send my book to different publishers.

When you can do with some/little/a lot of help to get the focus there where it is needed (your writing), and leave any other focus behind (fear of rejection, misunderstanding, or whatsoever), Maartje is definitely the one who can help you!

Margreet van Veen

Writer, life- and women business coach

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