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‘Writing allows you to discover other sides of life,
and I’d love to guide you on that journey’

Maartje Cooijman

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Let me start by telling you that I dread writing an about me page just as much as any other person, even though I’ve been storytelling and writing for the biggest part of my life. Let’s be honest. It’s hard to talk about yourself and expect other people to find it interesting. But you are here, and still reading this, so I’ll give it a try.

Maartje as a kidI strongly feel that I’ve been put in this world to tell stories and help others to discover theirs. Even since I was little, I let my imagination carry me away to new worlds and into new adventures. I made everybody believe that I was a part of a children’s circus group, snuck out of school to read in the library, and wrote novels (yes, I have proof) during math class.

Writing has always been my favorite way of showing others what is in my head. You can explore emotions and situations that you otherwise would not encounter. I love to write from a ‘bad guy’s perspective’, just because it is so far from my own life and personality. It’s not because I think like them, but because I don’t. I write pretty dark stuff but have a very bubbly and bouncy personality. It’s because I want to understand people, their motives, and their reasoning. I love it.

Maartje pain canWhat I also love, is helping people tell their stories in the best possible way. I know what an amazing feeling it is to pour all your questions, visions, and discoveries out on a page. Writing allows you to discover other sides of life, and I’d love to guide you on that journey.

That is why I created my blog. All the things I know about writing, I know because I spoke to other authors, read books, and followed masterclasses. I learned from the best and want to share those gems with you. That’s why I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this site.

With lots of warm hugs,


Maartje Ballerina

P.s. My wish is a community of writers (from all levels) that helps each other grow and explore. A place where we can all feel safe. Not just by bringing you my insights into the writing world but also by offering you a place to come together. If that speaks to you, feel free to join our Facebook Group. I’d love to see you there.


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Als het licht verdwijnt



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